Ephesians 4:4-6 -- There is one body and one Spirit, and God called you to have one hope. There is one Lord, one faith, and one baptism. There is one God and Father of everything. He rules everything and is everywhere and is in everything. 

DEVELOPMENT. Increasing in the wisdom and knowledge of the things of God

RELATIONSHIPRecognizing the importance of building new friendships and strengthening old ones

ENCOURAGEMENTMeeting the spiritual, physical, and emotional needs of our fellow “Philadelphia Folks” and being a blessing to someone inside the church in some way every day.

AUTHENTICITYWorshipping and praising God “with all we got” just because He is, and not because of what He does

MISSIONAccomplishing the purpose for which God created and gifted us by being a blessing to someone outside the church in some way every day so that we can share with them by word or by action the Gospel

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Join your friends at Philadelphia Wesleyan Church as we take 40 days to spread a little kindness throughout our community by doing at least one act of love, care, or thoughtfulness to someone every day.

Contact us for more information using the “Contact Us” tab above.

You do not have to be a member of Philadelphia Wesleyan Church to join in. You simply have to want to spread some cheer throughout your world.


This is a list of 60 ideas. You do NOT have to do ONLY these, or ALL of these, nor do them IN THIS ORDER.

But we do hope you will to do at least one kindness per day to someone in the community. If you come up with other "kind acts", contact us and let us add yours to our list. 

1. Write a letter of appreciation to someone who impacted your life. 2. Make dinner for a friend. 3. Take a bottle of water to someone working outside on a hot day (or hot chocolate on a cold day). 4. Tape a sandwich bag of coins to a vending machine or parking meter. 5. Leave an umbrella at a bus stop on a rainy day. 6. Give blood. 7. Take in your neighbor’s trashcans after trash pick-up. 8. Visit someone who is homebound. 9. Leave an inspirational book, magazine, or a fun toy in a waiting room. 10. Slip a gift card into a random book at a book store. 11. Bake cookies for your mail carrier. 12. Set a few stamps on the prep table at the post office. 13. Send a package or letter to a friend or family member just because. 14. Let someone go in front of you in line. 15. Surprise a stranger by paying off their lay-a-way. 16. Give up that great parking spot. 17. Write positive messages in sidewalk chalk at a playground. 18. Put together a writing kit with stationary, envelopes, stamps and a pen, and leave it at a hospital or nursing home. 19. Drop off a teddy bear to a police station or fire department for the kids they serve. 20. Pay the toll for the person behind you. 21. Treat the car behind you at a drive-thru window. 22. Leave a basket of outside toys at a local park for the kids to find and enjoy. 23. Make a struggling family’s summer by buying them a season pass to a pool. 24. Bring food to the food bank. 25. Donate your old cell phones to the National Coalition against Domestic Violence (ncadv.org). 26. Let the management know when someone did a great job. 27. Forgive someone. Repeat as necessary. 28. Buy a book for a child atbooksforkids.org. 29. Send a funny YouTube video to a friend having a tough day. 30. Do something sweet for your spouse—breakfast in bed, wash his/her car, make a favorite dinner or dessert. 31. Reach out to someone who is standing alone at a party. 32. Be patient while driving. 33. Leave a few dollars in an aisle at the dollar store with a note. 34. You know that game you really don’t enjoy playing with your kids but they love it? Do that—for a long time. 35. Plant flowers in a neglected area. 36. Bring supplies to a local pet shelter. 37. Hold a friend’s baby so he or she can enjoy having free hands. 38. Send flowers to your parents. 39. Bring a treat to a residence hall for college students to enjoy. 40. Make a donation to an organization that is meaningful to you or your family. 41. Triple the tip. 42. Anonymously pay for the meal of someone at a restaurant. 43. Spend time with a friend you haven’t seen in a while. 44. Say yes at the store when asked to donate a dollar to charity. 45. Make a bird feeder. 46. Create kindness bookmarks with your kids and slip them into books at the library. 47. Bring fresh produce to a new neighbor. 48. Leave sticky notes in random places with words of encouragement. 49. Offer to take a friend’s carpool shift. 50. Bring a special snack to share with your coworkers. 51. Send a package or letter to someone in the military. 52. Ask to pay for another person’s items at the dry cleaner. (Consider doing this for a public servant like a police officer.) 53. Leave some coupons at the grocery store. 54. Bring popsicles to a busy park on a hot day. 55. Encourage your kids to start a piggy bank for a cause. 56. Smile at 5 strangers today! 57. Call a local homeless shelter and ask how you can help. 58. Give a stranger a sincere compliment. 59. Drive someone to a doctor appointment. 60. Be a mentor.


As part of this campaign of love, care, and thoughtfulness you may want to do some charitable giving or volunteering. Some ideas: Local Churches, Christian Organizations, Christian Universities or National and International Organizations

·       On the Prayer Table at Philadelphia Wesleyan Church we have Kindness Does cards you could use to hand out to those who encounter so they will know why you are doing whatever it was you did. Plus, that card will invite them to go out and do the same to someone else.

We also have Kindness Does Testimony Cards for you to fill out so we can share in your kindness with you.  I have invited every church in the community to join with us in some way, so these testimony cards are also a way for us to share the kindness with the other churches too. Also, feel free share your testimonies via the “Contact Us” page of this website and/or on our Facebook page (the link for which is above).

Thank you for joining us as we “do a little kindness”. If you do not have a church home, we would love for you to be our guest at “Sawgrass” some Sunday. Just follow the signs off of Hwy 301 (at Loper-Bryan Rd) or Hwy 32 (at Sawgrass Rd) in Hortense. Directions and Service Times are at the bottom of this page. 

FEBRUARY 12, 2018 

You ever drive down the street or highway and see those “adopt a street” signs? That means that some business or family has made a decision to pick up litter, etc in that area. Or maybe you are familiar with the “adopt a school” program many public schools utilize to get business partners to provide for various needs on their campus.

Have you ever given any thought to doing a similar thing in the spiritual arena?

The General Superintendent of the Wesleyan Church, Dr. Wayne Schmidt, has said that the church's goal is to have a presence in every zip code in America.

I began to think about it and it occurs to me that the Wesleyan Church might already have an every-zip-code presence. Take Sawgrass for example. We are located in the 31543. But when you consider where our people live, where they work, where they shop, etc our church has a presence in, at least, the 31503, 31542, 31553, 31556, 31523, 31568, 31565, 31523, 31546, 31516, 31557, 31560, and 31545 area codes.

As I mentioned on Sunday, I think it is well within reason and opportunity for our church to leverage that presence for the Kingdom. Karen and I have four or five places that we regularly frequent. And, as we normally do, we ask folks if we can pray with them, etc. Over the course of the nearly two years we have been here, we are referred to by many to be the “pastors” at that place, not “a pastor”, but rather as “the pastor”. This was also the case the previous four years in another community.

We have been considered for a funeral, are right now likely going to do a wedding, have offered much prayer, have been asked for much prayer, have done a little impromptu counseling, etc. I have often wondered if our District Superintendent, Dr. Dan Berry, would let me count those folks in our Sunday morning attendance average!

Over the past week, for instance, we have been encouraged by the employees of one business to reach out to the business owner with sympathy for a loss in the family. We have been in conversation concerning a recent divorce and future business plans. We have been asked about the Book of Revelation related to someone’s unsaved children. And we have been asked by another business owner for advice concerning one of their children.

None of this was for people in, or even connected to, our church; except through our presence.

What if all of us who have a regular presence at one or more businesses in the area were to “adopt” that business as their “pastor”?

“Oh, I could never do that”, you might say, “I am not a preacher”. That’s OK. I did not say be the preacher at such-and-such place; I said be the pastor. That word derives from a Latin word that means, "to lead to pasture, set to grazing, cause to eat".

To be the “pastor” of a particular place you frequent and whose ownership, management, and staff know you well is as simple as being available to tend to whatever need they present to you in whatever fashion the Lord leads you to do it.

Pray and ask the Lord to lead you to adopt some business as their pastor today. 

Thanks, and many blessings

The ALL NEW SAWGRASS STUDENT MINISTRY was launched this year. We meet on Wednesday Nights @ 7p

The SAWGRASS STUDENT MINISTRY is open to students from 6th grade through 12th. For this first year, we are also open to repeating 5th graders.

Parents, we have lots of neat things for your kids.

First, on Sunday Mornings we have Sunday School @ 9:45a (Come at 9:30 for donuts, coffee, juice, and chocolate milk).

Then at 11a we have Children’s Church. A Nursery is also available, and also @ 6p during our Interactive Sunday Nights Worship Service.

Then on Wednesdays @ 7p we have a fantastic Kid’s Club. And, as always, a Nursery is available for “the youngest among us”. 

So you've been thinking about dropping by Sawgrass some Sunday but you want to know what you can expect first? That's cool. We understand that. So here is what is happens on a typical Sunday morning...

First you will encounter a beautiful, 113-year old building nestled among the trees. Looks like a scene right out of a pioneer movie! Someone, most likely our Pastor, will greet you at the door. Once you come inside you will again be greeted warmly. Lots of good folks here at Philadelphia Wesleyan Church. You will be given a bulletin. About 5 minutes before our service begins a video announcement loop will play with information about our church and upcoming events.

Following that video a worship video will signal the start of our service. This praise and worship song will generally be up tempo and contemporary. Feel free to sing along. Even clap if you like. (You will notice the Pastor will not be clapping much, but that is because he cannot clap and sing at the same time!). Once the video song ends, there is a brief welcome and live announcements. At that point our pianist and song leader takes over to lead us in two great hymns or spiritual songs of the faith.

A time of prayer comes next, and one more hymn. During that last hymn anyone who would like to be prayed for directly is encouraged to come forward.

After the offering, our kids will be dismissed to Children's Church. Right before the sermon we will worship with one more contemporary video song.

Then our Pastor will bring the morning message with a time for response at the end.

Beginning to end, about 75 minutes of simple, heart-felt worship.

Hope to see you here.

We are located at 1139 Sawgrass Rd in Hortense                                                                                                                                              
Just off Hwy 301 and Hwy 32. Just follow the signs.                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Pre-Service Fellowship: Sunday @ 9:30a 
Sunday School: 9:45a 
Sunday Morning Worship: 11:00 am 
Interactive Sunday Nights: 6:00 pm 
Wednesday Night: 7:00 pm 
Saturday Night Prayer Meeting: 6pm