Philadelphia Wesleyan Church

                                                                Affectionately known as "Sawgrass" 


Ephesians 4:4-6 -- There is one body and one Spirit, and God called you to have one hope. There is one Lord, one faith, and one baptism. There is one God and Father of everything. He rules everything and is everywhere and is in everything. 

DEVELOPMENT. Increasing in the wisdom and knowledge of the things of God

RELATIONSHIP. Recognizing the importance of building new friendships and strengthening old ones

ENCOURAGEMENT. Meeting the spiritual, physical, and emotional needs of our fellow “Philadelphia Folks” and being a blessing to someone inside the church in some way every day.

AUTHENTICITY. Worshipping and praising God “with all we got” just because He is, and not because of what He does

MISSION. Accomplishing the purpose for which God created and gifted us by being a blessing to someone outside the church in some way every day so that we can share with them by word or by action the Gospel

To see what kinds of ministry opportunities Philadelphia Wesleyan Church provides to help us Fulfill His Dream, please see the Fulfilling His Dream page of this website.

A Note From Pastor Tim

                                      weekly newsletter

So much is happening at Philadelphia Wesleyan. We hope you can make it by to check it out for yourself. 

We are in a series called Fulfilling His DREAM. You can see more about that on the Fulfilling His DREAM page of this website. This past Sunday we looked at the third letter of the word DREAM, E = Encouragement: Meeting the spiritual, physical, and emotional needs of our fellow "Philadelphia Folks" by being a blessing to someone inside the church every day. 

This is about doing ministry within the church. Everyone has something they can do, something they are supposed to do. And God will help us figure out what that is as we answer 5 questions about ourselves: (1) What am I gifted to do, (2) What do I love to do, (3) What can I do, (4) What am I best-suited to do, and (5) What have I already done? 

We will conclude this series over the next 2 weeks with A = Authenticity and M = Mission. 

In addition to the sermons, we have been challenged as a congregation to accomplish goals related to each message. The first goal is for our congregation to read at least 50 Christian, non-fiction books by May 31, 2017. Most of the congregation has accepted that challenge. 

The second goal was to think or 3 ways we could, as a church, build a bridge into the church for those unchurched in our community or build a bridge into the community for our church in 2017

The goal for "E" is 2,000 "touches" of our Philadelphia Church family by May 31, 2017.  What this means is for each of us to find a way to show someone in the church that we are thinking of them. Maybe through a card, letter, text, email, FB post, Tweet, a meal, a visit, or any other way you can think of. 

And be sure to join us throughout the Christmas season as we look at the birth of our Savior. We will begin a 2-part series called Unto Us on Sunday, December 18, which will conclude on Sunday, January 1. We will interrupt that series on Christmas Morning for a special message entitled A Man Who Loved Jesus that will be especially for our kids (big kids too!). 

We are entering a season where we get to do things because He is giving us the opportunity to, not because we have no other choice. So as we dream about the near future of Philadelphia, keep in mind that what God is already doing in, around, through, and at Philadelphia is just the “tip of the iceberg” for what He wants to do. We look forward to seeing you at any of our Worship Services and Bible Studies, or any of the events listed below.


Bible Study with RC Mathis on Wednesday, November 30 @ 7pm. We are studying Romans 15. 

Revival Prayer Meeting at Hortense Wesleyan Church on Thursday, December  1 @ 7pm

Men's Prayer Breakfast on Saturday, December 3 @ 8am. We will have a special guest speaker. 

Philadelphia Church Prayer Meeting on Saturday, December 3 @ 7pm

Worship with us on Sunday, December 4: 945am for Sunday School, 11am for Worship

Puppet Show: Save the Dates, Sunday, December 11 @ 6:00pm at Arco UMC in Brunswick and Sunday, December 18 @ 6:00pm here at Philadelphia

Remember, if I have your email address, I will send this to you by email. Drop me a note at and I will put you on the email list.

Thanks and many blessings,
Pastor Tim

We are located at 1139 Sawgrass Rd in Hortense                                                                                                                                              Pre-service Fellowship: Sunday Mornings from 9:15 - 9:45 am

Just off Hwy 301 and Hwy 32. Just follow the signs.                                                                                                                                                                                                          Sunday School: 9:45 am
Sunday Morning Worship: 11:00 am
Sunday Evening Worship: 6:00 pm
Wednesday Night: 7:00 pm
Saturday Night Prayer Meeting: 6pm