Ephesians 4:4-6 -- There is one body and one Spirit, and God called you to have one hope. There is one Lord, one faith, and one baptism. There is one God and Father of everything. He rules everything and is everywhere and is in everything. 

DEVELOPMENT. Increasing in the wisdom and knowledge of the things of God

RELATIONSHIP. Recognizing the importance of building new friendships and strengthening old ones

ENCOURAGEMENT. Meeting the spiritual, physical, and emotional needs of our fellow “Philadelphia Folks” and being a blessing to someone inside the church in some way every day.

AUTHENTICITY. Worshipping and praising God “with all we got” just because He is, and not because of what He does

MISSION. Accomplishing the purpose for which God created and gifted us by being a blessing to someone outside the church in some way every day so that we can share with them by word or by action the Gospel

To see what kinds of ministry opportunities Philadelphia Wesleyan Church provides to help us Fulfill His Dream, please see the Fulfilling His Dream page of this website.

A Note From Pastor Tim

                                      weekly newsletter

So much is happening at Philadelphia Wesleyan. We hope you can make it by to check it out for yourself.

We are about halfway through our Sunday Night Interactive Series on praise called The Adventure of Praise: Living in the Power of Worship. Throughout this series, in addition to the Q+A times during the message, we have what could be called “homework”. But we are referring to it as Praise Practice. These are concrete ways we can add more praise and worship to our everyday lives. 

So I thought I would take a moment in this week’s Note From Pastor Tim to review the Praise Practice we have had so far. Feel free to join us. And I would love to hear testimonies about what you are experiencing along the way.


  • Spend 15 minutes a day for the next week doing nothing but praising the Lord. NO PRAYER REQUESTS ALLOWED during this time! At the end of the week ask yourself: What effect did praising God have on my life, my daily challenges, my love for God? What changes can you identify in your feelings and attitudes?
  • Think about how you would like for God to work in your life. Identify ONE KEY AREA (such as health, family, relationships, finances, work, etc). Find at least 2 verses of scripture that relate directly to God’s power over that area. Write down those verses and make a statement of praise to God concerning the promise of God in those verse regarding that ONE AREA you identified
  • Use the words of Revelation 4:8-11, 5:9-14, and 7:9-12 as a template to create your own prayers of praise.
  • Identify 1 area in which God wants you to change (spend time praising Him first, then ask!)
  • Write the following thoughts on cards, sticky notes, or paper and post them where you will notice them regularly during the day: Praise God more often, Praise God longer, Praise God with more passion. After about 2 weeks, think back and see if you are actually praising Him more, praising Him for longer periods of time, and praising Him with more passion. If not, ask Him “Why?”
  • This week, every time you start to have a disagreement with your spouse or children, stop and say, “We aren’t getting anywhere by doing this. Let’s try praising the Lord together.” Then each of you begin to voice some of the reasons you are grateful and thankful to God. Take turns voicing praise for the things He has done and for who and what He is: His strength, His mercy, His love, His forgiveness, His wisdom, etc
  • Tomorrow, while you are driving to work or running errands, play some praise music. Sing along with that praise of God (whether you can sing or not). Maybe even clap your hands when stopped at a light.
  • As you are walking, jogging, working on the computer, etc., play praise music on your headphones. Silently praise God as you go along.
  • Spend time each day quietly adoring Jesus as your Savior
  • Find a way to introduce God and His care for you into at least 3 conversations THIS WEEK
  • Keep a list of how God reveals Himself to you THIS WEEK. Make it personal, such as “God is my ____”.
  • For each thing you believe God will do in your life in the next 12 months identify 2 verses of scripture that verify this as a work He desires to do in your life and in the lives of your family.
  • Experience a “sacrifice of praise” this week by praying to the Lord this prayer of surrender. Personalize it by adding details from your own life that you want to surrender to the Lord: Lord Jesus, I surrender my intellect. I surrender my emotions. I surrender my will. Help me to surrender daily. Help me to obey You daily, That I may worship you with a true heart
  • This week, during an extended time of prayer and praise, put yourself in a position of humility before God. Take on a posture of prayer that you normally do not assume; such as: fall on your face before Him, kneel on one knee, kneel of both knees, raise your hands, fold your hands, etc. Maintain that posture during your time of praise. Now – reflect on how that affected the atmosphere of your praise time.

Again, feel free to join us in this Adventure of Praise. And I would love to hear testimonies about what you are experiencing along the way. 


Women's Missionary Meeting, TONIGHT, Monday March 20 @ 7pm

Community Women's Bible StudyTuesday, March 21 @ 7pmWe are studying Prayer, based on the book Fervent by Priscilla Shirer from the movie War Room.

Bible Study with RC Mathis on Wednesday, March 22 @ 7pm.  

Prayer Meeting on Saturday, March 25 @ 7pm. One of the goals for 2017 was for each of our members and regular attendees to try to attend our Prayer Meeting at least once-per-month. So we hope to see you this Saturday. 

Worship with us on Sunday, March 26 @ 9:45am for Sunday School, 11:00am for Worship, and 6:00pm for an Interactive Message

Remember, if I have your email address, I will send this to you by email. Drop me a note at PastorTim@PhiladelphiaWesleyan.org and I will put you on the email list.

Thanks and many blessings,

Pastor Tim

The Lord gave us the Season of Sawgrass as His theme for us in 2017. This comes from Galatians 6:7-10 which says, in part, And let us not be weary in well-doing, for in due season we shall reap if we faint not. And in Isaiah 1:19 we are told, If you are willing and obedient you will eat the good of the land. And when is the "good of the land" available to eat? In season.

So from that we believe the following for our church and community over the next year or more: The Season of Sawgrass is a period of time, coming at the right and most opportune time, for us to realize our greatest potential to experience the right, proper, and scheduled blessings of God. This Season of Sawgrass will be characterized by the noticeable Hand of God at work in, on, around, through, and for us; as individuals, as families, as a church, and as a community. God’s activity here and our activity in our community during this Season of Sawgrass will be like nothing we have ever seen before. Lives will be changed. People will come to faith in Christ. Folks will be set free. Individuals will be healed. And hope will be restored

If we are willing and obedient is the caveat to all of this. And I believe Philadelphia is definitely willing. And their willingness to be obedient has been clearly demonstrated over several months. I have previously documented how enthusiastically our congregation has taken up God's challenge to read good, Christian, Bible study and spiritual help books (well over 30 books read in total as of early February); to reach out to others in the congregation through cards, letters, texts, phone calls, visits, social media, etc; and reach out to the unchurched of our area with acts of love and kindness and invitations to church (almost 1,000 such contacts since December 11!). 

And just last Sunday night, in the conclusion of the Season of Sawgrass message, over 13 folks in our church responded to the call to "access God's plan for them, their families, our church, and our community through fasting, prayer, praise, Bible reading and study, and holy living. 

What a great year 2017 is already shaping up to be!!

We are located at 1139 Sawgrass Rd in Hortense                                                                                                                                              Pre-service Fellowship: Sunday Mornings from 9:15 - 9:45 am

Just off Hwy 301 and Hwy 32. Just follow the signs.                                                                                                                                                                                                          Sunday School: 9:45 am
Sunday Morning Worship: 11:00 am
Sunday Evening Worship: 6:00 pm
Wednesday Night: 7:00 pm
Saturday Night Prayer Meeting: 6pm